System Technology

From planning up to delivery, “ready to use“.

Modern, professional video surveillance systems are composed of a variety of technical components such as cameras, lenses, signal transmitters, activity detectors, video matrices, picture storage, computer systems, monitors and many more. The selection of the single components and their ability to ‘co-operate’ within a surveillance system crucially determine the system functionality.

A major quality characteristic is the technical configuration of a video surveillance system. Planning, installation of components, professional cabling, parameterising and functional check to name but a few milestones that need to be mastered before a system can be commissioned successfully.

In the past years GEUTEBRÜCK continuously perfected the manufacture of complete, ready-to-use surveillance systems. System integration sets the benchmark already when developing new products. Open interfaces allow to connect external system components and offer additional possibilities for integrating specific applications.

GEUTEBRÜCK produces 80 to 100 tailor-made video systems / video centrals in-house per year – professionally assembled and cabled, parameterised according to customer needs and thoroughly tested.

Do you need a video surveillance system perfectly fulfilling your requirements?

Our experienced specialists take care of your tailor-made, ready-to-use system from planning up to on-site commissioning.


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